Vibroacoustic Harp Therapy - Bodymind Alignment Through Vibration

Testimonials for Vibroacoustic Harp Therapy:

“I think you will be pleased to know, for your own data collection, that I have been able to cut my medication drastically. I know, had it not been for your help with VAHT, this would not have been possible. This latest session kept the pain down throughout my body, especially my legs and face for four weeks after the treatment. For myself, it seems to have a cumulative effect. I would love to see others benefit in the same way.”  A.H., Hawkesbury, Ontario

“I want to continue receiving treatment every week, every second week, or every month to see if I can maintain what I consider being very good. Vibroacoustic Harp Therapy is the only treatment that works for me – and I have tried a lot of different treatments.” P.R.

“Vibroacoustic Harp Therapy gives me strength in my life and the power to continue…” L.C.

“Wow! What a difference! I slept through the night for the first time in a week and this morning the abdominal pain is almost non-existent and the back pain is much less. I’ve been telling people about you and the harp therapy. Mostly they don’t believe until I document the reduction in pain.” C.M.,Vankleek Hill, Ontario

Testimonials for music at Hawkesbury & District General Hospital:

“Last Sunday, I heard your wonderful music from my Dad’s room where he is still today, but hopefully will be out in a few days. Just wanted to thank you for that great and very unique music you are giving these patients. I am also a musician, saxophonist (Soprano, Alto and Tenor), and really appreciate all good music. Again, congratulations on your performances given to these sick people, I really think the music helps them get through that sad time they are going through in their life! My best regards, Mario”

Recognition by the Medical Staff ~ “In Greek lore even the rocks were moved to tears when Orpheus played his harp. When Ian Hepburn plays his harp on the wards, serenity and a lifting of spirits of patients, visitors, and staff can be palpated. The Medical staff thanks you for your generous volunteer work with a passionate desire to help ailing patients. Our palliative care patients now have access to another form of therapy for the relief of anxiety and pain. We congratulate you for your creativity and innovation with a worldwide first, the introduction of Vibroacoustic Harp Therapy in a hospital.” – The Medical Staff Hopital General de Hawkesbury & District General Hospital May 1, 2008

Testimonials for Healing Harp & Restorative Drumming – a project in the schools

From Parents, Students, Teachers & Educational Assistants for the work of Healing Harp & Restorative Drumming at Pleasant Corners Public School and Grenville Elementary School:

“Since the beginning of the project, we have noticed many positive changes and a decrease in inappropriate behaviour at home” – a parent

“Thank you very much for your excellent work with my son!!” – Katie, mother and chapter head of Autism Ontario – Prescott-Russell

“It helps calm me down and whenever I get nervous I think about what I do in harp and it helps me” – Grade 8 student.

“A huge improvement in this student. Thank you so much for all our work and dedication” -Grade 4 teacher

“He lights up when he gets called down to Drum & Harp. It has an immediate calming affect” – Grade 5 teacher

“My student loves his time in the project. It is a very valuable time for him as he doesn’t get to participate in some other activities due to physical limitations. You can observe the stress being released from his body” – Grade 4 Educational Assistant

And from a teacher at Grenville Elementary School: “The time following Mindfulness with Ian and William is the only time in the week when I can present advanced concepts because that is when i have my students complete attention”

From a parent at Grenville Elementary School: ” Dear Mrs.Bennett (principal at GES), I would like to thank you for including my son in the Grenville Elementary School Harps and Drums programme. Not only has it benefited him musically, but he has more confidence in himself and is proud of what he has accomplished. The first thing ‘Nelson’ says each Wednesday morning is “Yay! It is harp day!” I am very grateful that he has this opportunity and I hope that he will be included in this programme in the years to come”.